Get #VoteReady by creating a voting plan. Decide how you are voting, who you are voting for, and common mistakes so you can vote with ease.

Here’s your voting plan with easy quick links to help you cast your vote and make your voice heard this election.
Refer back here as many times as you need to until you and your loved ones have completed everything on the list.

If you have further questions, click on the icons for guides that will explain each step more thoroughly.

Step 1: Are you registered to vote?

In order to vote, you must be registerer. Many states have registration deadlines that you need to be registered by in order for your vote to be counted. Other states allow for day of registration.

Voters are purged from voter rolls on a regular basis for election security, but due to clerical errors, eligible voters may be removed. It is important to double check your registration status.

Step 2A: Plan how you are going to vote

Will you vote by mail? Will you vote in person and early? Will you vote in person on Election Day?

Decide how you are going to vote and where you vote (be in it person or where you’ll drop off your ballot). Options vary by state.

Once you've decided how, also pick the date
(that you'll mail your ballot or vote in person)

Step 2B: Prepare your ballot

By casting your vote in this election, you will be voting for those who will be appointed for the Federal Offices, State Offices, County Offices, Municipal (City) Offices, Presidential Appointments & Governor Appointments.


Do your research and decide who you are going to be voting for and how you will vote on different ballot measures. Voting in person is like an open book exam. You can prepare your answers in advance and take them with you to the ballot box. We have several nonpartisan resources that will show you what will be on your ballot. 


Every vote in every race counts. There are many races that have been won or lost by less 100 or 10 votes! 

Step 3: Cast your Ballot!

Voting in person? Make sure to reconfirm the ID that you need to take, double check the location and timing, grab your mask, pack lunch/snacks, and wear comfy shoes. Once you get your sticker, be sure to wear it with pride! 

Voting by mail? Take your ballot to a secure ballot dropbox (if available), USPS blue box, or postal facility by or before your deadline. Don’t forget to let others know that you voted! There are lots of fun stickers on social media to share.  

BONUS: Did you fill out the census?

The 2020 Census impacts you! It determines how many people represent each state in Congress, and how BILLIONS of dollars are distributed across the country to fund schools, senior services, road, healthcare, job programs, housing, transportation, and other vital services. 

EVERYONE (citizens and non-citizens) must be counted. 

Share this checklist with your family & friends!

Uplift the voices of our community by helping your close ones vote. It takes all of us to make change happen.

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Language Assistance

Have a question about the voting process or experiencing difficulties voting in person?


– For English 1-866 OUR VOTE
– Bengali, Hindi, or Urdu 1 888 274 8683