How You Can Get


There are currently close to 5.5 million South Asians living in the United States. While some may not be able to vote, decisions made by elected officials impact everyone - eligible and ineligible voters alike. Civic engagement is not limited to just voting. Here are ways you can play a role:

Help members in your community get registered

Just because you can't vote doesn't mean your friends and family can't either. Spread the word by sharing voter resources and helping people fill out the needed forms.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Regardless of your eligibility to vote

Volunteer Locally


Language assistance to non-English speakers

Assist older and differently-abled friends and community members through language assistance. This may include translating news articles so they are informed and helping fill out registration forms.You can also contact your local board of elections to see if your language abilities are needed.


Organize transportation to local polling places

Organize car-pools and transit assistance to local polling places during the 2020 Election - be it during early voting days or Election Day.

Join the Movement at South Asians Vote

South Asians Vote is a volunteer run movement. We are committed to encouraging people to get involved in our democracy - whether it be by voting, volunteering, donating, or a combination of it all. We'd love to have you be a part of this initiative. Get in touch and get involved! If we aren't the right fit for you, our team is constantly connecting people with other organizations to unite different South Asian communities.